Saturday, March 22, 2008

Recently Discovered Record Collection

(burlapgrain kitchen table included for much-needed perspective)

Boney M.

Tercet Egzotyczny

Janos Sarkozi - Gypsies Songs

P Ohio

Rodowicz - The Polish Madonna

The Ubiquitous Abba

Morton Downey, J ...
Dorin Anastasiu

Men Without Hats. Men Without Scarves. Men Without Black Stonewashed Jeans. Men Without Yellow Cardigan Sweaters. Men Without Hands Down Their Pants. Men Without ...

The Santa Maria, a claymation donkey, a Soviet-era cassette player, and Pana Kleksa - they're back from space
and they've brought down a record.


The Singular Grażyna Świtała,
whose name means something in Polish.
Caution: Diffident when veiled!


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