Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Needs the Peace Corps?

What's there to live for?
Who needs the Peace Corps?
Think I'll just drop out
I'll go to Frisco, buy a wig
and sleep on Owsley's floor

Walked past the wig store
Danced at the Fillmore
I'm completely stoned
I'm hippy and I'm trippy
I'm a gypsy on my own
I'll stay a week and get the crabs
And take a bus back home
I'm really just a phony
But forgive me
'Cause I'm stoned

Every town must have a place
Where phony hippies meet
Psychedelic dungeons
Popping up on every street
Go to San Francisco

How I love ya, how I love ya
How I love ya, how I love ya, Frisco
Oh, my hair is getting good in the back!

First I'll buy some beads
And then perhaps a leather band
To go around my head
Some feathers and bells
And a book of Indian lore
I will ask the Chamber Of Commerce
How to get to Haight Street
And smoke an awful lot of dope
I will wander around barefoot
I will have a psychedelic gleam in my eye at all times
I will love everyone
I will love the police as they kick the shit out of me on the street
I will sleep ...
I will go to a house
That's what I will do
I will go to a house
Where there's a rock and roll band
'Cause the groups all live together
And I will join a rock and roll band
I will be their road manager
And I will stay there with them
And I will get the crabs
But I won't care

- F. Zappa

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