Monday, May 15, 2006

The Jesus Zoo

Across from a kielbasa stand down the street from my apartment, the Poles have crucified Jesus three times. They've put up a fishnet to keep The Three Messiahs from escaping and mauling the passersby. When I walk past on my way to class, I am sometimes tempted to toss in a few peanut shells or some popcorn, but there is a sign in Polish that I suspect is advising me not to feed the Jesuses.



Old Coder said...

Not being overly religious, even I know that there is only one Jesus entrapped therein. The other two unfortunates are mere mortal criminals. You can tell by their signs.

Jesus' sign reads: "INRI", Latin abbreviation for King of the Jews.

The other guys have very small inscription, "IFU", which is a Latin shorthand for "Just Another Scumbag".

Live and Learn, Young Man. Live and Learn.

Keef said...

I figured as such. The idea of multiple Jesi is probably pretty blasphemous anyhow, unless you're one of the 3,678 members of the Huntsville, Alabama Church of Jesus Christ, The Three-Headed Hydra-Like Beast.

J. T. Hines said...

Don't feed the Jesuses? Man, even two-thousand years after he was crucified, they're still being so hard to him these days. That's just mean. He only wants a peanut!

Anonymous said...

A man so nice they crucified him thrice.