Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'm looking forward to teaching and getting lost somewhere. Somewhere will probably be Korea. Sorry, Kazakhstan.

My Nebraskan life is broken up by little reveries - in the car, in my bedroom, in the queue at Target - where my ego pools up and festers like old bathwater. The TEFL life affords no reveries. There is no time for an ego. Every moment finds you teaching, learning, or standing in a convenience store fumbling through foreign currency as a building crowd of murmuring natives shakes fists behind your back. It's a straight line existence and that's what I need right now. I've been reading too many books, enough to know that books alone won't teach you much of anything.


Lester StarCastle, M.D. said...

I hear Korea can be pretty awesome, my cousin taught at a camp there for a month. Word is the money is good, and Seoul is super cool, but some of the rural towns people end up in can be isolated and provincial. Their food sounds good, and weirdly similar to northern european food in content, but opposite in taste. (Spicy cabbage and corn/tuna pancakes?)

Why no luck with the east bloc?

Keef said...

Dr. Starcastle,

Indeed, your experience in Korea is really a matter of where you happen to be going in Korea. I happen to be going to a real shithole (Daegu), but depending on how the school is, I will probably try to relocate to Busan, Seoul, or someplace cosmopolitan enough to where I won't be censured by the state because of my beard and excess armpit hair.

The money is good, though! TWO MILLION WON PER MONTH? I'm a millionaire!